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Just Pic'd Juices Review - Norfolk

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Growing up as a kid in the 80's, I remember drinking lots and lots of Kool-Aid. It was cheap, easy to make, tasted good, and you had multiple different flavors to choose from. All you needed was a Kool-Aid packet, some sugar, add water, and voila! Who knew that all that sugar wasn't wasn't good for you.

I don't drink Kool-Aid anymore. In addition, I try to stay a way from soda as well because I hear it's also not good for you. All these unhealthy drinks and foods that they promote and sell in this country. Apparently, America wants to kill us. While all these food and drink companies are getting rich from killing us slowly, the drug companies are getting rich from all of the medications we have to take for the heart disease, cancer, and diabetes we get from all the unhealthy eating. Here are the leading causes of death in the US, according to the CDC. It's important for us to eat healthy, exercise, and get yearly checkups from your doctor.

It's great when you come across black-owned businesses that serve healthy food and drinks like Just Pic'd Juices in Norfolk, which I've been going to for several years now. Just Pic'd is located in a shopping center that's close to Military Circle Mall and Janaf Shopping Center. It's in an area where I lived at for around 7 or 8 years. But I didn't find out about this place until I met my wife, because I wasn't into juice bars back then. At the time of this review, Just Pic'd has curbside service only due to the covid pandemic. Pull up to the front of the restaurant to pick up your order. You can order online or over the phone. This is my Just Pic'd Juices review.

Just Pic'd has a wide selection of juices, smoothies, and shots to choose from. I'm a creature of habit, once I find something that I really like I tend to stick with that thing. Every time I go there I get the Immune Booster drink. The Immune Booster comes with kale, ginger, mango, and pineapple. It tastes great, and I would highly recommend it. If you want to spice things up, ask for extra ginger. I started getting the Immune Booster because that's the drink my wife always gets. Once I tried it, I haven't stopped ordering it since. Prior to that, I would get the One Hundred Grand smoothie, which is also good.

This juice bar is not only helping the black community by providing a healthy food alternative with their juices and smoothies, but they are also providing jobs to black people. Every time I've gone there, everyone who's provided us service has been black. Typically, I get an Immune Booster from Just Pic'd either once a month or every two months when I go to Norfolk to get a haircut, and I don't see that routine changing anytime soon.

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