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In Powernomics, Dr. Claud Anderson teaches that we need more than just neighborhoods, we need communities.  He also teaches that black people don't need more jobs, we need need to create more businesses.  Using both of these principles, I've decided create the BOHR Facebook Community.  This is a community where like minded people can come together to discuss the things that are important to us.

Visit the BOHR Patreon to learn about how you can join the community


In the early 1900's, first generation freed black men and women came together to form the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Greenwood was founded by visionary O.W. Gurley who came to Tulsa and purchased 40 acres of land.  The district eventually grew to have at least 200 black-owned businesses including hotels, movie theaters, schools, a hospital, grocery stores, a bank, and much more!  The residents of Greenwood lived together, worked together, built together, educated their own, and supported one another.


What acts are you doing to help support the black community?

I learned about the inspirational story of Greenwood from The Hidden Truth About Black Wall Street course taught by Kode Ransom, who is a native of Tulsa and a descendant of Greenwood.

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