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16 Black-Owned Business Reviews

The idea for starting this review blog came after I read Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson. One of the key principles I got from reading Powernomics is summed up in the word community and black people supporting one another with their time, money, and resources. I'm also inspired by Dr. Boyce Watkins, and his black core of 3: we must educate our own, create our own jobs, and support black-owned businesses.

Those inspirations led me to create this review blog that highlights the black-owned businesses and institutions in the 757 Hampton Roads area and beyond in hopes that would lead to more people finding and supporting these businesses. At this point I'm 16 reviews in starting with the very first review I published on Berkley Supermarket. For this post I wanted to reflect and point out the reviews that stood out to me the most and why.

Which review has been the most inspiring?

The most inspiring review I've written thus far has to be Hitsville U.S.A.. The first reason this review inspired me the most is because of the impact and reach that the Motown era had on the country and the world, all due to the people in the city of Detroit. Second, I did not realize until after doing some research that several legendary artists all came out of Motown Records, including Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and the Jackson 5. My mind was blown after I learned this. Third, the sound of Motown was a collaborative effort that might not have happened if everyone wasn't working together for the greater good of the group.

Which review has the potential to be great?

The place that has the potential to be great is the Historic Sistrunk community. It seems like this community has so much rich black history that isn't really displayed in the forefront when you visit Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, what you see when visiting Sistrunk is a community that looks a little depressed. Sistrunk once was a thriving black community that had it's own hospital. But the community declined after integration. What's interesting is there are countless stories of black-owned businesses, institutions, and communities that disappeared after the end of segregation.

Which review I'm I connected to the most?

The review I'm connected to the most has to be Reed's Real Estate because their services have had a lasting positive impact on my life for last 7 years, with them helping me purchase my two first homes. Purchasing a house was a major event for me because I wasn't exposed to owning real estate growing up. Dr. Boyce Watkins always preaches that there's three main ways people build economic wealth in America: owning stock, owning a business, and owning real estate.

Which review has the best tasting food in and outside of Hampton Roads?

All of the restaurants on the website have great food but if I'd have to choose one inside of the 757 it would be Mango Mangeaux because I love breakfast food and their Mango Mango French Toast are a must have. Outside of the 757 I would choose Chef Rose Jamaican Cuisine because that was probably the best Rasta pasta with salmon I've ever had, and I've never heard of a Jamaican restaurant providing you the option of going vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian.

Which review surprised you the most?

There are two reviews that surprised and impressed me the most are Mango Mangeaux (again) and Lillie Pearl, because the owners of these two restaurants also own several other black-owned businesses all within their respective cities. Mango Mangeaux is a business within the Simply Panache group, and Lillie Pearl is a concept from the Lindsey group.

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