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Dime Store - Detroit, MI

Detroit vs Everybody! I don't know if that's still a popular saying or not, but I wanted to say it since I'm writing about my experience visiting Detroit for the first time since I was a baby, which I briefly talked about in my Hitsville U.S.A. review. While in Detroit, I had the opportunity visit a handful of places including the Motown Museum, Joe Louis Southern Kitchen, The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, and Dime Store.

Dime Store is an all day breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant located in downtown Detroit. All day breakfast places are the best. The reason I chose this restaurant is because it had such a high rating and close to 3,000 Google reviews, which was impressive. One thing that stood out to me was that downtown Detroit has some nice architectural buildings. It was on an early cloudy Sunday afternoon that I went to downtown, and there wasn't a lot of people out on the street. But inside the lobby of the Chrysler House (formally known as the Dime Building), where Dime Store is located, was packed. The Chrysler House is a 23-story tall skyscraper that's used by restaurants, businesses, and has it's own interesting history as its been around for over 100 years. You might have guessed that Dime Store got its name from the Dime Building.

The waitlist looked long, but since I was solo, they were able to seat me right away at the bar. The restaurant is small but it has style to it. The food on their menu also has style. There were two dishes listed under the chef's specials that I couldn't decide from, the strawberry matcha waffle and the Mexican street corn hash. So I ordered them both and they were both delicious.

You can learn a little about the Dime Store owners at the bottom of their about us page. Sharing your story on your website can help potential customers to get familiar and connected with you and your brand. I'm sure social media platforms, such as Instagram, are also a great place to connect with your audience and customers. But I'm a person that's not on social media, I only go off a business's website and Google reviews.

Dime Store is partly a black-owned business (I assume) that's hiring and putting black people to work and that's a great thing. There were black people working in every position from what I can recall, from the hostess, waiters, and the cooks. As I've said before in many of my other reviews, when you hire black people, you are helping support the black community.

Over the years, I've heard about how the city of Detroit has struggled economically. This is disheartening, especially since almost 80% of Detroit's population is black. It makes me think about Detroit's history when all of the automobile factories were there. At some point all the factories started leaving and the number of available jobs declined, along with the city's decline. I believe that's why my grandparents left Detroit in the late 1950's for New York City. So it's encouraging when businesses such as Dime Store are born and you see them being supported by the community. Businesses like these help bring new life to a once great city.

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